function error_displayable

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7 error_displayable($error = NULL)
8 error_displayable($error = NULL)

Determines whether an error should be displayed.

When in maintenance mode or when error_level is ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_ALL, all errors should be displayed. For ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_SOME, $error will be examined to determine if it should be displayed.


$error: Optional error to examine for ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_SOME.

Return value

TRUE if an error should be displayed.

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core/includes/, line 98
Functions for error handling.


function error_displayable($error = NULL) {
  if (defined('MAINTENANCE_MODE')) {
    return TRUE;
  $error_level = _drupal_get_error_level();
    return TRUE;
  if ($error_level == ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_SOME && isset($error)) {
    return $error['%type'] != 'Notice' && $error['%type'] != 'Strict warning';
  return FALSE;