function drupal_mkdir

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7 drupal_mkdir($uri, $mode = NULL, $recursive = FALSE, $context = NULL)
8 drupal_mkdir($uri, $mode = NULL, $recursive = FALSE, $context = NULL)

Creates a directory, optionally creating missing components in the path to the directory.

When PHP's mkdir() creates a directory, the requested mode is affected by the process's umask. This function overrides the umask and sets the mode explicitly for all directory components created.

@todo Update with open_basedir compatible recursion logic from \Drupal\Component\PhpStorage\FileStorage::ensureDirectory().


$uri: A URI or pathname.

$mode: Mode given to created directories. Defaults to the directory mode configured in the Drupal installation. It must have a leading zero.

$recursive: Create directories recursively, defaults to FALSE. Cannot work with a mode which denies writing or execution to the owner of the process.

$context: Refer to

Return value

Boolean TRUE on success, or FALSE on failure.

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core/includes/, line 1509
API for handling file uploads and server file management.


function drupal_mkdir($uri, $mode = NULL, $recursive = FALSE, $context = NULL) {
  if (!isset($mode)) {
    $mode = Settings::get('file_chmod_directory', FILE_CHMOD_DIRECTORY);

  // If the URI has a scheme, don't override the umask - schemes can handle this
  // issue in their own implementation.
  if (file_uri_scheme($uri)) {
    return _drupal_mkdir_call($uri, $mode, $recursive, $context);

  // If recursive, create each missing component of the parent directory
  // individually and set the mode explicitly to override the umask.
  if ($recursive) {
    // Ensure the path is using DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.
    $uri = str_replace('/', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $uri);
    // Determine the components of the path.
    $components = explode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $uri);
    // If the filepath is absolute the first component will be empty as there
    // will be nothing before the first slash.
    if ($components[0] == '') {
      $recursive_path = DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;
      // Get rid of the empty first component.
    else {
      $recursive_path = '';
    // Don't handle the top-level directory in this loop.
    // Create each component if necessary.
    foreach ($components as $component) {
      $recursive_path .= $component;

      if (!file_exists($recursive_path)) {
        if (!_drupal_mkdir_call($recursive_path, $mode, FALSE, $context)) {
          return FALSE;
        // Not necessary to use drupal_chmod() as there is no scheme.
        if (!chmod($recursive_path, $mode)) {
          return FALSE;

      $recursive_path .= DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

  // Do not check if the top-level directory already exists, as this condition
  // must cause this function to fail.
  if (!_drupal_mkdir_call($uri, $mode, FALSE, $context)) {
    return FALSE;
  // Not necessary to use drupal_chmod() as there is no scheme.
  return chmod($uri, $mode);