8.5.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.0.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.1.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.2.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.3.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.4.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)
8.6.x Html.php Html::decodeEntities($text)

Decodes all HTML entities including numerical ones to regular UTF-8 bytes.

Double-escaped entities will only be decoded once ("&amp;lt;" becomes "&lt;", not "<"). Be careful when using this function, as it will revert previous sanitization efforts (&lt;script&gt; will become <script>).

This method is not the opposite of Html::escape(). For example, this method will convert "&eacute;" to "é", whereas Html::escape() will not convert "é" to "&eacute;".


string $text: The text to decode entities in.

Return value

string The input $text, with all HTML entities decoded once.

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core/lib/Drupal/Component/Utility/Html.php, line 382


Provides DOMDocument helpers for parsing and serializing HTML strings.




public static function decodeEntities($text) {
  return html_entity_decode($text, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');