1. 8.3.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigEnvironment.php TwigEnvironment
  2. 8.0.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigEnvironment.php TwigEnvironment
  3. 8.1.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigEnvironment.php TwigEnvironment
  4. 8.2.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigEnvironment.php TwigEnvironment
  5. 8.4.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Template/TwigEnvironment.php TwigEnvironment

A class that defines a Twig environment for Drupal.

Instances of this class are used to store the configuration and extensions, and are used to load templates from the file system or other locations.


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class TwigEnvironment extends \Twig_Environment {

   * Static cache of template classes.
   * @var array
  protected $templateClasses;

   * Constructs a TwigEnvironment object and stores cache and storage
   * internally.
   * @param string $root
   *   The app root.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheBackendInterface $cache
   *   The cache bin.
   * @param string $twig_extension_hash
   *   The Twig extension hash.
   * @param \Twig_LoaderInterface $loader
   *   The Twig loader or loader chain.
   * @param array $options
   *   The options for the Twig environment.
  public function __construct($root, CacheBackendInterface $cache, $twig_extension_hash, \Twig_LoaderInterface $loader = NULL, $options = array()) {
    // Ensure that twig.engine is loaded, given that it is needed to render a
    // template because functions like TwigExtension::escapeFilter() are called.
    require_once $root . '/core/themes/engines/twig/twig.engine';

    $this->templateClasses = array();

    $options += array(
      // @todo Ensure garbage collection of expired files.
      'cache' => TRUE,
      'debug' => FALSE,
      'auto_reload' => NULL,
    // Ensure autoescaping is always on.
    $options['autoescape'] = 'html';

    $policy = new TwigSandboxPolicy();
    $sandbox = new \Twig_Extension_Sandbox($policy, TRUE);

    if ($options['cache'] === TRUE) {
      $options['cache'] = new TwigPhpStorageCache($cache, $twig_extension_hash);

    $this->loader = $loader;
    parent::__construct($this->loader, $options);

   * Gets the template class associated with the given string.
   * @param string $name
   *   The name for which to calculate the template class name.
   * @param int $index
   *   The index if it is an embedded template.
   * @return string
   *   The template class name.
  public function getTemplateClass($name, $index = NULL) {
    // We override this method to add caching because it gets called multiple
    // times when the same template is used more than once. For example, a page
    // rendering 50 nodes without any node template overrides will use the same
    // node.html.twig for the output of each node and the same compiled class.
    $cache_index = $name . (NULL === $index ? '' : '_' . $index);
    if (!isset($this->templateClasses[$cache_index])) {
      $this->templateClasses[$cache_index] = $this->templateClassPrefix . hash('sha256', $this->loader->getCacheKey($name)) . (NULL === $index ? '' : '_' . $index);
    return $this->templateClasses[$cache_index];

   * Renders a twig string directly.
   * Warning: You should use the render element 'inline_template' together with
   * the #template attribute instead of this method directly.
   * On top of that you have to ensure that the template string is not dynamic
   * but just an ordinary static php string, because there may be installations
   * using read-only PHPStorage that want to generate all possible twig
   * templates as part of a build step. So it is important that an automated
   * script can find the templates and extract them. This is only possible if
   * the template is a regular string.
   * @param string $template_string
   *   The template string to render with placeholders.
   * @param array $context
   *   An array of parameters to pass to the template.
   * @return \Drupal\Component\Render\MarkupInterface|string
   *   The rendered inline template as a Markup object.
   * @see \Drupal\Core\Template\Loader\StringLoader::exists()
  public function renderInline($template_string, array $context = array()) {
    // Prefix all inline templates with a special comment.
    $template_string = '{# inline_template_start #}' . $template_string;
    return Markup::create($this->loadTemplate($template_string, NULL)->render($context));



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
TwigEnvironment::$templateClasses protected property Static cache of template classes.
TwigEnvironment::getTemplateClass public function Gets the template class associated with the given string. Overrides Twig_Environment::getTemplateClass
TwigEnvironment::renderInline public function Renders a twig string directly.
TwigEnvironment::__construct public function Constructs a TwigEnvironment object and stores cache and storage internally. Overrides Twig_Environment::__construct
Twig_Environment::$autoReload protected property
Twig_Environment::$baseTemplateClass protected property
Twig_Environment::$bcGetCacheFilename private property
Twig_Environment::$bcWriteCacheFile private property
Twig_Environment::$binaryOperators protected property
Twig_Environment::$cache protected property
Twig_Environment::$charset protected property
Twig_Environment::$compiler protected property
Twig_Environment::$debug protected property
Twig_Environment::$extensionInitialized protected property
Twig_Environment::$extensions protected property
Twig_Environment::$filterCallbacks protected property
Twig_Environment::$filters protected property
Twig_Environment::$functionCallbacks protected property
Twig_Environment::$functions protected property
Twig_Environment::$globals protected property
Twig_Environment::$lastModifiedExtension private property
Twig_Environment::$lexer protected property
Twig_Environment::$loadedTemplates protected property
Twig_Environment::$loader protected property
Twig_Environment::$originalCache private property
Twig_Environment::$parser protected property
Twig_Environment::$parsers protected property
Twig_Environment::$runtimeInitialized protected property
Twig_Environment::$staging protected property
Twig_Environment::$strictVariables protected property
Twig_Environment::$templateClassPrefix protected property
Twig_Environment::$tests protected property
Twig_Environment::$unaryOperators protected property
Twig_Environment::$visitors protected property
Twig_Environment::addExtension public function Registers an extension.
Twig_Environment::addFilter public function Registers a Filter.
Twig_Environment::addFunction public function Registers a Function.
Twig_Environment::addGlobal public function Registers a Global.
Twig_Environment::addNodeVisitor public function Registers a Node Visitor.
Twig_Environment::addTest public function Registers a Test.
Twig_Environment::addTokenParser public function Registers a Token Parser.
Twig_Environment::clearCacheFiles Deprecated public function Clears the template cache files on the filesystem.
Twig_Environment::clearTemplateCache Deprecated public function Clears the internal template cache.
Twig_Environment::compile public function Compiles a node and returns the PHP code.
Twig_Environment::compileSource public function Compiles a template source code.
Twig_Environment::computeAlternatives Deprecated public function
Twig_Environment::createTemplate public function Creates a template from source.
Twig_Environment::disableAutoReload public function Disables the auto_reload option.
Twig_Environment::disableDebug public function Disables debugging mode.
Twig_Environment::disableStrictVariables public function Disables the strict_variables option.
Twig_Environment::display public function Displays a template.
Twig_Environment::enableAutoReload public function Enables the auto_reload option.
Twig_Environment::enableDebug public function Enables debugging mode.
Twig_Environment::enableStrictVariables public function Enables the strict_variables option.
Twig_Environment::getBaseTemplateClass public function Gets the base template class for compiled templates.
Twig_Environment::getBinaryOperators public function Gets the registered binary Operators.
Twig_Environment::getCache public function Gets the current cache implementation.
Twig_Environment::getCacheFilename Deprecated public function Gets the cache filename for a given template.
Twig_Environment::getCharset public function Gets the default template charset.
Twig_Environment::getCompiler public function Gets the Compiler instance.
Twig_Environment::getExtension public function Gets an extension by name.
Twig_Environment::getExtensions public function Returns all registered extensions.
Twig_Environment::getFilter public function Get a filter by name.
Twig_Environment::getFilters public function Gets the registered Filters.
Twig_Environment::getFunction public function Get a function by name.
Twig_Environment::getFunctions public function Gets registered functions.
Twig_Environment::getGlobals public function Gets the registered Globals.
Twig_Environment::getLexer public function Gets the Lexer instance.
Twig_Environment::getLoader public function Gets the Loader instance.
Twig_Environment::getNodeVisitors public function Gets the registered Node Visitors.
Twig_Environment::getParser public function Gets the Parser instance.
Twig_Environment::getTags public function Gets registered tags.
Twig_Environment::getTemplateClassPrefix Deprecated public function Gets the template class prefix.
Twig_Environment::getTest public function Gets a test by name.
Twig_Environment::getTests public function Gets the registered Tests.
Twig_Environment::getTokenParsers public function Gets the registered Token Parsers.
Twig_Environment::getUnaryOperators public function Gets the registered unary Operators.
Twig_Environment::hasExtension public function Returns true if the given extension is registered.
Twig_Environment::initExtension protected function
Twig_Environment::initExtensions protected function
Twig_Environment::initGlobals protected function
Twig_Environment::initRuntime Deprecated public function Initializes the runtime environment.
Twig_Environment::isAutoReload public function Checks if the auto_reload option is enabled.
Twig_Environment::isDebug public function Checks if debug mode is enabled.
Twig_Environment::isStrictVariables public function Checks if the strict_variables option is enabled.
Twig_Environment::isTemplateFresh public function Returns true if the template is still fresh.
Twig_Environment::loadTemplate public function Loads a template by name.
Twig_Environment::mergeGlobals public function Merges a context with the defined globals.
Twig_Environment::parse public function Converts a token stream to a node tree.
Twig_Environment::registerUndefinedFilterCallback public function
Twig_Environment::registerUndefinedFunctionCallback public function
Twig_Environment::removeExtension Deprecated public function Removes an extension by name.
Twig_Environment::render public function Renders a template.
Twig_Environment::resolveTemplate public function Tries to load a template consecutively from an array.
Twig_Environment::setBaseTemplateClass public function Sets the base template class for compiled templates.
Twig_Environment::setCache public function Sets the current cache implementation.
Twig_Environment::setCharset public function Sets the default template charset.
Twig_Environment::setCompiler public function Sets the Compiler instance.
Twig_Environment::setExtensions public function Registers an array of extensions.
Twig_Environment::setLexer public function Sets the Lexer instance.
Twig_Environment::setLoader public function Sets the Loader instance.
Twig_Environment::setParser public function Sets the Parser instance.
Twig_Environment::tokenize public function Tokenizes a source code.
Twig_Environment::VERSION constant
Twig_Environment::writeCacheFile Deprecated protected function