8.3.x user.module user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account)
8.0.x user.module user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account)
8.1.x user.module user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account)
8.2.x user.module user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account)
8.4.x user.module user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account)
7.x user.module user_login_finalize(&$edit = array())

Finalizes the login process and logs in a user.

The function logs in the user, records a watchdog message about the new session, saves the login timestamp, calls hook_user_login(), and generates a new session.

The current user is replaced with the passed in account.


\Drupal\user\UserInterface $account: The account to log in.

See also


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RegisterForm::save in core/modules/user/src/RegisterForm.php
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core/modules/user/user.module, line 530
Enables the user registration and login system.


function user_login_finalize(UserInterface $account) {
  \Drupal::logger('user')->notice('Session opened for %name.', array('%name' => $account->getUsername()));
  // Update the user table timestamp noting user has logged in.
  // This is also used to invalidate one-time login links.

  // Regenerate the session ID to prevent against session fixation attacks.
  // This is called before hook_user_login() in case one of those functions
  // fails or incorrectly does a redirect which would leave the old session
  // in place.
  \Drupal::service('session')->set('uid', $account->id());
  \Drupal::moduleHandler()->invokeAll('user_login', array($account));


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Beware that users created programmatically are blocked by default and need to be activated first.
If you call this function on a blocked account it will silently fail! (and still log 'Session opened for...' in watchdog).


$user = User::create([
  'name' => $username,
  'mail' => $email,
$user->activate();// NOTE: login will fail silently if not activated!