Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.x includes/ \MARK_NEW
  2. 9 core/includes/ \MARK_NEW
  3. 10 core/includes/ \MARK_NEW
  4. 11.x core/includes/ \MARK_NEW

Mark content as being new.

Related topics

3 uses of MARK_NEW
drupal_common_theme in core/includes/
Provides theme registration for themes across .inc files.
HistoryUserTimestamp::render in core/modules/history/src/Plugin/views/field/HistoryUserTimestamp.php
Renders the field.
node_mark in core/modules/node/node.module
Determines the type of marker to be displayed for a given node.


core/includes/, line 46


const MARK_NEW = 1;

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