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Defines a Block annotation object.


Expanded class hierarchy of Block

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Block/Annotation/Block.php, line 14


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class Block extends Plugin {

   * The plugin ID.
   * @var string
  public $id;

   * The administrative label of the block.
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Annotation\Translation
   * @ingroup plugin_translatable
  public $admin_label = '';

   * The category in the admin UI where the block will be listed.
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Annotation\Translation
   * @ingroup plugin_translatable
  public $category = '';



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
Block::$admin_label public property The administrative label of the block.
Block::$category public property The category in the admin UI where the block will be listed.
Block::$id public property The plugin ID.
Plugin::$definition protected property The plugin definition read from the class annotation. 1
Plugin::get public function Gets the value of an annotation. Overrides AnnotationInterface::get 2
Plugin::getClass public function Gets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getClass
Plugin::getId public function Gets the unique ID for this annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getId
Plugin::getProvider public function Gets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getProvider 1
Plugin::parse protected function Parses an annotation into its definition.
Plugin::setClass public function Sets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setClass
Plugin::setProvider public function Sets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setProvider
Plugin::__construct public function Constructs a Plugin object. 2