8.2.x ConfigEntityBase.php public ConfigEntityBase::status()
8.0.x ConfigEntityBase.php public ConfigEntityBase::status()
8.1.x ConfigEntityBase.php public ConfigEntityBase::status()
8.3.x ConfigEntityBase.php public ConfigEntityBase::status()

Returns whether the configuration entity is enabled.

Status implementations for configuration entities should follow these general rules:

  • Status does not affect the loading of entities. I.e. Disabling configuration entities should only have UI/access implications.
  • It should only take effect when a 'status' key is explicitly declared in the entity_keys info of a configuration entity's annotation data.
  • Each entity implementation (entity/controller) is responsible for checking and managing the status.

Return value

bool Whether the entity is enabled or not.

Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::status

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/Entity/ConfigEntityBase.php, line 203


Defines a base configuration entity class.




public function status() {
  return !empty($this->status);