8.5.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.0.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.1.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.2.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.3.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.4.x Entity.php Entity::label()
8.6.x Entity.php Entity::label()

Gets the label of the entity.

Return value

string|null The label of the entity, or NULL if there is no label defined.

Overrides EntityInterface::label

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Entity.php, line 155


Defines a base entity class.




public function label() {
  $label = NULL;
  $entity_type = $this
  if (($label_callback = $entity_type
    ->getLabelCallback()) && is_callable($label_callback)) {
    $label = call_user_func($label_callback, $this);
  elseif (($label_key = $entity_type
    ->getKey('label')) && isset($this->{$label_key})) {
    $label = $this->{$label_key};
  return $label;