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Defines the migrate exception class.


Expanded class hierarchy of MigrateException

54 files declare their use of MigrateException
ArrayBuild.php in core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/ArrayBuild.php
ArrayBuildTest.php in core/modules/migrate/tests/src/Unit/process/ArrayBuildTest.php
Concat.php in core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/Concat.php
ConcatTest.php in core/modules/migrate/tests/src/Unit/process/ConcatTest.php
Contains \Drupal\Tests\migrate\Unit\process\ConcatTest.
ConvertTokens.php in core/modules/user/src/Plugin/migrate/process/ConvertTokens.php

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class MigrateException extends \Exception {

   * The level of the error being reported.
   * The value is a Migration::MESSAGE_* constant.
   * @var int
  protected $level;

   * The status to record in the map table for the current item.
   * The value is a MigrateMap::STATUS_* constant.
   * @var int
  protected $status;

   * Constructs a MigrateException object.
   * @param string $message
   *   The message for the exception.
   * @param int $code
   *   The Exception code.
   * @param \Exception $previous
   *   The previous exception used for the exception chaining.
   * @param int $level
   *   The level of the error, a Migration::MESSAGE_* constant.
   * @param int $status
   *   The status of the item for the map table, a MigrateMap::STATUS_*
   *   constant.
  public function __construct($message = NULL, $code = 0, \Exception $previous = NULL, $level = MigrationInterface::MESSAGE_ERROR, $status = MigrateIdMapInterface::STATUS_FAILED) {
    $this->level = $level;
    $this->status = $status;

   * Gets the level.
   * @return int
   *   An integer status code. @see Migration::MESSAGE_*
  public function getLevel() {
    return $this->level;

   * Gets the status of the current item.
   * @return int
   *   An integer status code. @see MigrateMap::STATUS_*
  public function getStatus() {
    return $this->status;



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
MigrateException::$level protected property The level of the error being reported.
MigrateException::$status protected property The status to record in the map table for the current item.
MigrateException::getLevel public function Gets the level.
MigrateException::getStatus public function Gets the status of the current item.
MigrateException::__construct public function Constructs a MigrateException object.