1. 8.5.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  2. 8.0.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  3. 8.1.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  4. 8.2.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  5. 8.3.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  6. 8.4.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php
  7. 8.6.x core/modules/migrate/src/ProcessPluginBase.php




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namespace Drupal\migrate;

use Drupal\Core\Plugin\PluginBase;
use Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrateProcessInterface;

 * The base class for all migrate process plugins.
 * Migrate process plugins are taking a value and transform them. For example,
 * transform a human provided name into a machine name, look up an identifier
 * in a previous migration and so on.
 * @see https://www.drupal.org/node/2129651
 * @see \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigratePluginManager
 * @see \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrateProcessInterface
 * @see \Drupal\migrate\Annotation\MigrateProcessPlugin
 * @see plugin_api
 * @ingroup migration
abstract class ProcessPluginBase extends PluginBase implements MigrateProcessInterface {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function transform($value, MigrateExecutableInterface $migrate_executable, Row $row, $destination_property) {

    // Do not call this method from children.
    if (isset($this->configuration['method'])) {
      if (method_exists($this, $this->configuration['method'])) {
        return $this
          ->{$this->configuration['method']}($value, $migrate_executable, $row, $destination_property);
      throw new \BadMethodCallException(sprintf('The %s method does not exist in the %s plugin.', $this->configuration['method'], $this->pluginId));
    else {
      throw new \BadMethodCallException(sprintf('The "method" key in the plugin configuration must to be set for the %s plugin.', $this->pluginId));

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function multiple() {
    return FALSE;



Namesort descending Description
ProcessPluginBase The base class for all migrate process plugins.