5.x bootstrap.inc get_t()
6.x bootstrap.inc get_t()
7.x bootstrap.inc get_t()

Return the name of the localisation function. Use in code that needs to run both during installation and normal operation.

15 calls to get_t()
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Opens a new batch.
db_check_setup in includes/database.pgsql.inc
Verify if the database is set up correctly.
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Report database status.
db_status_report in includes/database.mysqli.inc
Report database status.

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includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1272
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function get_t() {
  static $t;
  if (is_null($t)) {
    $t = function_exists('install_main') ? 'st' : 't';
  return $t;