function cache_clear_all

Expires data from the cache.

If called with the arguments $cid and $bin set to NULL or omitted, then expirable entries will be cleared from the cache_page and cache_block bins, and the $wildcard argument is ignored.


$cid: If set, the cache ID or an array of cache IDs. Otherwise, all cache entries that can expire are deleted. The $wildcard argument will be ignored if set to NULL.

$bin: If set, the cache bin to delete from. Mandatory argument if $cid is set.

$wildcard: If TRUE, the $cid argument must contain a string value and cache IDs starting with $cid are deleted in addition to the exact cache ID specified by $cid. If $wildcard is TRUE and $cid is '*', the entire cache is emptied.

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includes/, line 163


function cache_clear_all($cid = NULL, $bin = NULL, $wildcard = FALSE) {
    if (!isset($cid) && !isset($bin)) {
        // Clear the block cache first, so stale data will
        // not end up in the page cache.
        if (module_exists('block')) {
            cache_clear_all(NULL, 'cache_block');
        cache_clear_all(NULL, 'cache_page');
    return _cache_get_object($bin)->clear($cid, $wildcard);

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