8.5.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.0.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.1.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.2.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.3.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.4.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
8.6.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
6.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()
7.x common.inc _drupal_flush_css_js()

Changes the dummy query string added to all CSS and JavaScript files.

Changing the dummy query string appended to CSS and JavaScript files forces all browsers to reload fresh files.

2 calls to _drupal_flush_css_js()
drupal_flush_all_caches in includes/common.inc
Flushes all cached data on the site.
update_info_page in ./update.php
Provides an overview of the Drupal database update.


includes/common.inc, line 7698
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function _drupal_flush_css_js() {

  // The timestamp is converted to base 36 in order to make it more compact.
  variable_set('css_js_query_string', base_convert(REQUEST_TIME, 10, 36));