8.5.x common.inc base_path()
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8.1.x common.inc base_path()
8.2.x common.inc base_path()
8.3.x common.inc base_path()
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6.x common.inc base_path()
7.x common.inc base_path()

Returns the base URL path of the Drupal installation. At the very least, this will always default to /.

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includes/common.inc, line 1798
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function base_path() {
  return $GLOBALS['base_path'];


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base_path returns the base URL path, not the local path.

Apparently $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] isn't safe as there seems to be situations where it is not set, see http://drupal.org/node/518460 and http://drupal.org/node/329710 for some discussions about it.

The proper way to set this would probably be something like

$GLOBALS['base_local_path'] = dirname(__FILE__);

in main index.php file.

As I won't touch it here is a fix that JUST WORKStm (code from http://drupal.org/node/518460#comment-1808184):

 * Get the document root for the current Drupal installation.
 * $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is not reliable across all
 * systems, so we need a way to get the correct value.
 * @return (string)
function YOURMODULE_document_root() {
  $absolute_dir = dirname(__FILE__);
  $relative_dir = drupal_get_path('module', 'YOURMODULE');
  return substr($absolute_dir, 0, -1 * (1 + strlen($relative_dir)));
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I was having difficulties grabbing the right location of the files directory on localhost (MAMP) and production - this solved it - thanks.

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A non-module specific (and simpler) way would be
return getcwd().'/';
(see http://drupal.org/node/363013)
return realpath('.'.base_path()).'/';
in case we have actually chdirred...

Indeed, many people ask for the root and many incorrectly answer that base_path() would be the solution. Perhaps we can have a Drupal function $base_root...?

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base_path() and $base_path return / in my sites. No use when trying to read a file. realpath('./') worked. It picks up the path to index.php. I can then append the path provided by drupal_get_path().

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I wrote a small function, what finds the path by walking step for step up, until its in the root directory and finds the relative path to bootstrap.inc.

   * Returns the base filesystem path of the Drupal installation.
   * @author: Radon8472
   * @version: 1.0 (2013-10-19)
   * @return string: absolute local filesystem path of the Drupal installation.
  function filesystem_base_path()
      $search = "includes".DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."bootstrap.inc";

      // Walk directories up until we find the $search-path (wich is relative to root)
      for($path=dirname(__FILE__); !file_exists($path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$search); $path.= DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."..")
        // no need to do anything
      // store the path if it one was found
      $GLOBALS['filesystem_base_path'] = realpath($path);
    return $GLOBALS['filesystem_base_path'];