8.3.x bootstrap.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
8.0.x bootstrap.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
8.1.x bootstrap.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
8.2.x bootstrap.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
8.4.x bootstrap.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
4.6.x common.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
4.7.x common.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
5.x common.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
6.x common.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)
7.x common.inc drupal_get_path($type, $name)

Returns the path to a system item (module, theme, etc.).


$type: The type of the item (i.e. theme, theme_engine, module).

$name: The name of the item for which the path is requested.

Return value

The path to the requested item.

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includes/common.inc, line 1513
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function drupal_get_path($type, $name) {
  return dirname(drupal_get_filename($type, $name));