4.6.x common.inc drupal_get_token($value = '')
4.7.x common.inc drupal_get_token($value = '')
5.x common.inc drupal_get_token($value = '')
6.x common.inc drupal_get_token($value = '')
7.x common.inc drupal_get_token($value = '')

Generates a token based on $value, the user session, and the private key.


$value: An additional value to base the token on.

The generated token is based on the session ID of the current user. Normally, anonymous users do not have a session, so the generated token will be different on every page request. To generate a token for users without a session, manually start a session prior to calling this function.

Return value

string A 43-character URL-safe token for validation, based on the user session ID, the hash salt provided from drupal_get_hash_salt(), and the 'drupal_private_key' configuration variable.

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includes/common.inc, line 5224
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function drupal_get_token($value = '') {
  return drupal_hmac_base64($value, session_id() . drupal_get_private_key() . drupal_get_hash_salt());


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The value returned should always be 43 characters long

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In drupal 8 use \Drupal::csrfToken()->get()