4.7 form.inc theme_token($element)
5 form.inc theme_token($element)
6 form.inc theme_token($element)

Format a form token.

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9 string references to the theme hook from theme_token()

Note: this list is generated by looking for the string for this theme hook, so it may include some references that are not actually using this theme hook.

aggregator_admin_refresh_feed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Menu callback; refreshes a feed, then redirects to the overview page.
aggregator_view in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Displays the aggregator administration page.
drupal_common_theme in includes/common.inc
Provide theme registration for themes across .inc files.
drupal_prepare_form in includes/form.inc
Prepares a structured form array by adding required elements, executing any hook_form_alter functions, and optionally inserting a validation token to prevent tampering.
system_elements in modules/system/system.module
Implementation of hook_elements().

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includes/form.inc, line 2109


function theme_token($element) {
  return theme('hidden', $element);