6.x menu.inc menu_router_build($reset = FALSE)
7.x menu.inc menu_router_build()

Collect, alter and store the menu definitions.

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includes/menu.inc, line 1723
API for the Drupal menu system.


function menu_router_build($reset = FALSE) {
  static $menu;
  if (!isset($menu) || $reset) {

    // We need to manually call each module so that we can know which module
    // a given item came from.
    $callbacks = array();
    foreach (module_implements('menu') as $module) {
      $router_items = call_user_func($module . '_menu');
      if (isset($router_items) && is_array($router_items)) {
        foreach (array_keys($router_items) as $path) {
          $router_items[$path]['module'] = $module;
        $callbacks = array_merge($callbacks, $router_items);

    // Alter the menu as defined in modules, keys are like user/%user.
    drupal_alter('menu', $callbacks);
    $menu = _menu_router_build($callbacks);
  return $menu;