8 theme.inc theme_get_registry($complete = TRUE)
6 theme.inc theme_get_registry($registry = NULL)
7 theme.inc theme_get_registry($complete = TRUE)

Retrieve the stored theme registry. If the theme registry is already in memory it will be returned; otherwise it will attempt to load the registry from cache. If this fails, it will construct the registry and cache it.

3 calls to theme_get_registry()
drupal_render_form in includes/form.inc
Renders a structured form array into themed HTML.
theme in includes/theme.inc
Generates the themed output.
_theme_set_registry in includes/theme.inc
Store the theme registry in memory.


includes/theme.inc, line 200
The theme system, which controls the output of Drupal.


function theme_get_registry($registry = NULL) {
  static $theme_registry = NULL;
  if (isset($registry)) {
    $theme_registry = $registry;

  return $theme_registry;