8.5.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.0.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.1.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.2.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.3.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.4.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
8.6.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')
7.x theme.inc theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__')

Generate an array of suggestions from path arguments.

This is typically called for adding to the 'theme_hook_suggestions' or 'classes_array' variables from within preprocess functions, when wanting to base the additional suggestions on the path of the current page.


$args: An array of path arguments, such as from function arg().

$base: A string identifying the base 'thing' from which more specific suggestions are derived. For example, 'page' or 'html'.

$delimiter: The string used to delimit increasingly specific information. The default of '__' is appropriate for theme hook suggestions. '-' is appropriate for extra classes.

Return value

An array of suggestions, suitable for adding to $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'] within a preprocess function or to $variables['classes_array'] if the suggestions represent extra CSS classes.

2 calls to theme_get_suggestions()
ThemeTestCase::testFrontPageThemeSuggestion in modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test
Ensure page-front template suggestion is added when on front page.
ThemeTestCase::testThemeSuggestions in modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test
Test function theme_get_suggestions() for SA-CORE-2009-003.


includes/theme.inc, line 2757
The theme system, which controls the output of Drupal.


function theme_get_suggestions($args, $base, $delimiter = '__') {

  // Build a list of suggested theme hooks or body classes in order of
  // specificity. One suggestion is made for every element of the current path,
  // though numeric elements are not carried to subsequent suggestions. For
  // example, for $base='page', http://www.example.com/node/1/edit would result
  // in the following suggestions and body classes:
  // page__node              page-node
  // page__node__%           page-node-%
  // page__node__1           page-node-1
  // page__node__edit        page-node-edit
  $suggestions = array();
  $prefix = $base;
  foreach ($args as $arg) {

    // Remove slashes or null per SA-CORE-2009-003 and change - (hyphen) to _
    // (underscore).
    // When we discover templates in @see drupal_find_theme_templates,
    // hyphens (-) are converted to underscores (_) before the theme hook
    // is registered. We do this because the hyphens used for delimiters
    // in hook suggestions cannot be used in the function names of the
    // associated preprocess functions. Any page templates designed to be used
    // on paths that contain a hyphen are also registered with these hyphens
    // converted to underscores so here we must convert any hyphens in path
    // arguments to underscores here before fetching theme hook suggestions
    // to ensure the templates are appropriately recognized.
    $arg = str_replace(array(
    ), array(
    ), $arg);

    // The percent acts as a wildcard for numeric arguments since
    // asterisks are not valid filename characters on many filesystems.
    if (is_numeric($arg)) {
      $suggestions[] = $prefix . $delimiter . '%';
    $suggestions[] = $prefix . $delimiter . $arg;
    if (!is_numeric($arg)) {
      $prefix .= $delimiter . $arg;
  if (drupal_is_front_page()) {

    // Front templates should be based on root only, not prefixed arguments.
    $suggestions[] = $base . $delimiter . 'front';
  return $suggestions;