1. 8.5.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  2. 8.0.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  3. 8.1.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  4. 8.2.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  5. 8.3.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  6. 8.4.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  7. 8.6.x core/includes/bootstrap.inc DRUPAL_ROOT
  8. 7.x modules/statistics/statistics.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  9. 7.x modules/simpletest/tests/https.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  10. 7.x cron.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  11. 7.x authorize.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  12. 7.x index.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  13. 7.x xmlrpc.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  14. 7.x modules/simpletest/tests/http.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  15. 7.x update.php DRUPAL_ROOT
  16. 7.x install.php DRUPAL_ROOT

Defines the root directory of the Drupal installation.

146 uses of DRUPAL_ROOT
aggregator_test_feed in modules/aggregator/tests/aggregator_test.module
Page callback. Generates a test feed and simulates last-modified and etags.
authorize.php in ./authorize.php
Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
authorize_get_filetransfer in includes/authorize.inc
Gets a FileTransfer class for a specific transfer method and settings.
authorize_run_operation in includes/authorize.inc
Runs the operation specified in $_SESSION['authorize_operation'].
BatchPercentagesUnitTestCase::setUp in modules/simpletest/tests/batch.test
Sets up unit test environment.

... See full list


./install.php, line 11
Initiates a browser-based installation of Drupal.


define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());


dimsh’s picture

what about

define('DRUPAL_ROOT', dirname(__FILE__));


getcwd() !!, it looks like it relays on the directory set by the web server, well, Apache will do it, will all other do?

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Please open an issue against core if you want to suggest/request changes. Nothing in the the API docs discussion threads will be directly actioned.