6.x book.module book_get_books()
7.x book.module book_get_books()

Returns an array of all books.

This list may be used for generating a list of all the books, or for building the options for a form select.

Return value

An array of all books.

2 string references to 'book_get_books'
book_node_delete in modules/book/book.module
Implements hook_node_delete().
_book_update_outline in modules/book/book.module
Handles additions and updates to the book outline.


modules/book/book.module, line 380
Allows users to create and organize related content in an outline.


function book_get_books() {
  $all_books =& drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (!isset($all_books)) {
    $all_books = array();
    $nids = db_query("SELECT DISTINCT(bid) FROM {book}")
    if ($nids) {
      $query = db_select('book', 'b', array(
        'fetch' => PDO::FETCH_ASSOC,
        ->join('node', 'n', 'b.nid = n.nid');
        ->join('menu_links', 'ml', 'b.mlid = ml.mlid');
        ->addField('n', 'type', 'type');
        ->addField('n', 'title', 'title');
        ->condition('n.nid', $nids, 'IN');
        ->condition('n.status', 1);
      $result2 = $query
      foreach ($result2 as $link) {
        $link['href'] = $link['link_path'];
        $link['options'] = unserialize($link['options']);
        $all_books[$link['bid']] = $link;
  return $all_books;