function template_preprocess_field

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  1. 9 core/includes/ \template_preprocess_field()
  2. 8.9.x core/includes/ \template_preprocess_field()
  3. 10 core/includes/ \template_preprocess_field()
  4. 11.x core/includes/ \template_preprocess_field()

Theme preprocess function for theme_field() and field.tpl.php.

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modules/field/field.module, line 1042


function template_preprocess_field(&$variables, $hook) {
    $element = $variables['element'];
    // There's some overhead in calling check_plain() so only call it if the label
    // variable is being displayed. Otherwise, set it to NULL to avoid PHP
    // warnings if a theme implementation accesses the variable even when it's
    // supposed to be hidden. If a theme implementation needs to print a hidden
    // label, it needs to supply a preprocess function that sets it to the
    // sanitized element title or whatever else is wanted in its place.
    $variables['label_hidden'] = $element['#label_display'] == 'hidden';
    $variables['label'] = $variables['label_hidden'] ? NULL : check_plain($element['#title']);
    // We want other preprocess functions and the theme implementation to have
    // fast access to the field item render arrays. The item render array keys
    // (deltas) should always be a subset of the keys in #items, and looping on
    // those keys is faster than calling element_children() or looping on all keys
    // within $element, since that requires traversal of all element properties.
    $variables['items'] = array();
    foreach ($element['#items'] as $delta => $item) {
        if (!empty($element[$delta])) {
            $variables['items'][$delta] = $element[$delta];
    // Add default CSS classes. Since there can be many fields rendered on a page,
    // save some overhead by calling strtr() directly instead of
    // drupal_html_class().
    $variables['field_name_css'] = strtr($element['#field_name'], '_', '-');
    $variables['field_type_css'] = strtr($element['#field_type'], '_', '-');
    $variables['classes_array'] = array(
        'field-name-' . $variables['field_name_css'],
        'field-type-' . $variables['field_type_css'],
        'field-label-' . $element['#label_display'],
    // Add a "clearfix" class to the wrapper since we float the label and the
    // field items in field.css if the label is inline.
    if ($element['#label_display'] == 'inline') {
        $variables['classes_array'][] = 'clearfix';
    // Add specific suggestions that can override the default implementation.
    $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'] = array(
        'field__' . $element['#field_type'],
        'field__' . $element['#field_name'],
        'field__' . $element['#bundle'],
        'field__' . $element['#field_name'] . '__' . $element['#bundle'],

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