4.6.x block.module block_box_get($bid)
4.7.x block.module block_box_get($bid)
5.x block.module block_box_get($bid)
6.x block.module block_box_get($bid)

Returns information from database about a user-created (custom) block.


$bid: ID of the block to get information for.

Return value

Associative array of information stored in the database for this block. Array keys:

  • bid: Block ID.
  • info: Block description.
  • body: Block contents.
  • format: Filter ID of the filter format for the body.
1 call to block_box_get()
block_box_delete in modules/block/block.admin.inc
Menu callback; confirm deletion of custom blocks.


modules/block/block.module, line 341
Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.


function block_box_get($bid) {
  return db_fetch_array(db_query("SELECT * FROM {boxes} WHERE bid = %d", $bid));