4.6.x blog.module blog_feed_user($uid = 0)
4.7.x blog.module blog_feed_user($uid = 0)
5.x blog.module blog_feed_user($uid = 0)
6.x blog.pages.inc blog_feed_user($account)
7.x blog.pages.inc blog_feed_user($account)

Menu callback; displays an RSS feed containing recent blog entries of a given user.

1 string reference to 'blog_feed_user'
blog_menu in modules/blog/blog.module
Implements hook_menu().


modules/blog/blog.pages.inc, line 90
Page callback file for the blog module.


function blog_feed_user($account) {
  $nids = db_select('node', 'n')
    ->fields('n', array(
    ->condition('type', 'blog')
    ->condition('uid', $account->uid)
    ->condition('status', 1)
    ->orderBy('created', 'DESC')
    ->range(0, variable_get('feed_default_items', 10))
  $channel['title'] = t("!name's blog", array(
    '!name' => format_username($account),
  $channel['link'] = url('blog/' . $account->uid, array(
    'absolute' => TRUE,
  node_feed($nids, $channel);