4.6.x forum.module forum_overview()
4.7.x forum.module forum_overview()
5.x forum.module forum_overview()
6.x forum.admin.inc forum_overview(&$form_state)
7.x forum.admin.inc forum_overview($form, &$form_state)

Form constructor for the forum overview form.

Returns a form for controlling the hierarchy of existing forums and containers.

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1 string reference to 'forum_overview'
forum_menu in modules/forum/forum.module
Implements hook_menu().


modules/forum/forum.admin.inc, line 270
Administrative page callbacks for the Forum module.


function forum_overview($form, &$form_state) {
  module_load_include('inc', 'taxonomy', 'taxonomy.admin');
  $vid = variable_get('forum_nav_vocabulary', '');
  $vocabulary = taxonomy_vocabulary_load($vid);
  $form = taxonomy_overview_terms($form, $form_state, $vocabulary);
  foreach (element_children($form) as $key) {
    if (isset($form[$key]['#term'])) {
      $term = $form[$key]['#term'];
      $form[$key]['view']['#href'] = 'forum/' . $term['tid'];
      if (in_array($form[$key]['#term']['tid'], variable_get('forum_containers', array()))) {
        $form[$key]['edit']['#title'] = t('edit container');
        $form[$key]['edit']['#href'] = 'admin/structure/forum/edit/container/' . $term['tid'];
      else {
        $form[$key]['edit']['#title'] = t('edit forum');
        $form[$key]['edit']['#href'] = 'admin/structure/forum/edit/forum/' . $term['tid'];

  // Remove the alphabetical reset.

  // The form needs to have submit and validate handlers set explicitly.
  $form['#theme'] = 'taxonomy_overview_terms';
  $form['#submit'] = array(

  // Use the existing taxonomy overview submit handler.
  $form['#empty_text'] = t('No containers or forums available. <a href="@container">Add container</a> or <a href="@forum">Add forum</a>.', array(
    '@container' => url('admin/structure/forum/add/container'),
    '@forum' => url('admin/structure/forum/add/forum'),
  return $form;