4.6.x taxonomy.module taxonomy_save_term($edit)
4.7.x taxonomy.module taxonomy_save_term(&$edit)
5.x taxonomy.module taxonomy_save_term(&$form_values)
6.x taxonomy.module taxonomy_save_term(&$form_values)
3 calls to taxonomy_save_term()
forum_form_submit in modules/forum.module
Process forum form and container form submissions.
taxonomy_form_term_submit in modules/taxonomy.module
Accept the form submission for a taxonomy term and save the result.
taxonomy_node_save in modules/taxonomy.module
Save term associations for a given node.


modules/taxonomy.module, line 418
Enables the organization of content into categories.


function taxonomy_save_term(&$edit) {
  if ($edit['tid'] && $edit['name']) {
    db_query("UPDATE {term_data} SET name = '%s', description = '%s', weight = %d WHERE tid = %d", $edit['name'], $edit['description'], $edit['weight'], $edit['tid']);
    module_invoke_all('taxonomy', 'update', 'term', $edit);
    $status = SAVED_UPDATED;
  else if ($edit['tid']) {
    return taxonomy_del_term($edit['tid']);
  else {
    $edit['tid'] = db_next_id('{term_data}_tid');
    db_query("INSERT INTO {term_data} (tid, name, description, vid, weight) VALUES (%d, '%s', '%s', %d, %d)", $edit['tid'], $edit['name'], $edit['description'], $edit['vid'], $edit['weight']);
    module_invoke_all('taxonomy', 'insert', 'term', $edit);
    $status = SAVED_NEW;

  db_query('DELETE FROM {term_relation} WHERE tid1 = %d OR tid2 = %d', $edit['tid'], $edit['tid']);
  if ($edit['relations']) {
    foreach ($edit['relations'] as $related_id) {
      if ($related_id != 0) {
        db_query('INSERT INTO {term_relation} (tid1, tid2) VALUES (%d, %d)', $edit['tid'], $related_id);

  db_query('DELETE FROM {term_hierarchy} WHERE tid = %d', $edit['tid']);
  if (!isset($edit['parent']) || empty($edit['parent'])) {
    $edit['parent'] = array(0);
  if (is_array($edit['parent'])) {
    foreach ($edit['parent'] as $parent) {
      if (is_array($parent)) {
        foreach ($parent as $tid) {
          db_query('INSERT INTO {term_hierarchy} (tid, parent) VALUES (%d, %d)', $edit['tid'], $tid);
      else {
        db_query('INSERT INTO {term_hierarchy} (tid, parent) VALUES (%d, %d)', $edit['tid'], $parent);
  else {
    db_query('INSERT INTO {term_hierarchy} (tid, parent) VALUES (%d, %d)', $edit['tid'], $edit['parent']);

  db_query('DELETE FROM {term_synonym} WHERE tid = %d', $edit['tid']);
  if ($edit['synonyms']) {
    foreach (explode("\n", str_replace("\r", '', $edit['synonyms'])) as $synonym) {
      if ($synonym) {
        db_query("INSERT INTO {term_synonym} (tid, name) VALUES (%d, '%s')", $edit['tid'], chop($synonym));


  return $status;