6.x update.fetch.inc _update_refresh()
7.x update.fetch.inc _update_refresh()

Fetch project info via XML from a central server.

1 call to _update_refresh()
update_refresh in modules/update/update.module
Wrapper to load the include file and then refresh the release data.


modules/update/update.fetch.inc, line 24
Code required only when fetching information about available updates.


function _update_refresh() {
  static $fail = array();
  global $base_url;
  module_load_include('inc', 'update', 'update.compare');

  // Since we're fetching new available update data, we want to clear
  // our cache of both the projects we care about, and the current update
  // status of the site. We do *not* want to clear the cache of available
  // releases just yet, since that data (even if it's stale) can be useful
  // during update_get_projects(); for example, to modules that implement
  // hook_system_info_alter() such as cvs_deploy.
  $available = array();
  $data = array();
  $site_key = md5($base_url . drupal_get_private_key());
  $projects = update_get_projects();

  // Now that we have the list of projects, we should also clear our cache of
  // available release data, since even if we fail to fetch new data, we need
  // to clear out the stale data at this point.
  $max_fetch_attempts = variable_get('update_max_fetch_attempts', UPDATE_MAX_FETCH_ATTEMPTS);
  foreach ($projects as $key => $project) {
    $url = _update_build_fetch_url($project, $site_key);
    $fetch_url_base = _update_get_fetch_url_base($project);
    if (empty($fail[$fetch_url_base]) || count($fail[$fetch_url_base]) < $max_fetch_attempts) {
      $xml = drupal_http_request($url);
      if (isset($xml->data)) {
        $data[] = $xml->data;
      else {

        // Connection likely broken; prepare to give up.
        $fail[$fetch_url_base][$key] = 1;
    else {

      // Didn't bother trying to fetch.
      $fail[$fetch_url_base][$key] = 1;
  if ($data) {
    $parser = new update_xml_parser();
    $available = $parser
  if (!empty($available) && is_array($available)) {

    // Record the projects where we failed to fetch data.
    foreach ($fail as $fetch_url_base => $failures) {
      foreach ($failures as $key => $value) {
        $available[$key]['project_status'] = 'not-fetched';
    $frequency = variable_get('update_check_frequency', 1);
    _update_cache_set('update_available_releases', $available, time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * $frequency);
    watchdog('update', 'Attempted to fetch information about all available new releases and updates.', array(), WATCHDOG_NOTICE, l(t('view'), 'admin/reports/updates'));
  else {
    watchdog('update', 'Unable to fetch any information about available new releases and updates.', array(), WATCHDOG_ERROR, l(t('view'), 'admin/reports/updates'));

  // Whether this worked or not, we did just (try to) check for updates.
  variable_set('update_last_check', time());
  return $available;