7.x common.inc drupal_render_cache_get($elements)

Gets the rendered output of a renderable element from the cache.


$elements: A renderable array.

Return value

A markup string containing the rendered content of the element, or FALSE if no cached copy of the element is available.

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includes/common.inc, line 6239
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function drupal_render_cache_get($elements) {
  if (!in_array($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'], array(
  )) || !($cid = drupal_render_cid_create($elements))) {
    return FALSE;
  $bin = isset($elements['#cache']['bin']) ? $elements['#cache']['bin'] : 'cache';
  if (!empty($cid) && ($cache = cache_get($cid, $bin))) {

    // Add additional libraries, JavaScript, CSS and other data attached
    // to this element.
    if (isset($cache->data['#attached'])) {

    // Return the rendered output.
    return $cache->data['#markup'];
  return FALSE;


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Note that this function may return an expired cache item. You need to check if the cache has expired yourself and then act accordingly.