7.x database.inc DatabaseConnection::driver()

Returns the type of database driver.

This is not necessarily the same as the type of the database itself. For instance, there could be two MySQL drivers, mysql and mysql_mock. This function would return different values for each, but both would return "mysql" for databaseType().

1 call to DatabaseConnection::driver()
DatabaseConnection::getDriverClass in includes/database/database.inc
Gets the driver-specific override class if any for the specified class.
3 methods override DatabaseConnection::driver()
DatabaseConnection_mysql::driver in includes/database/mysql/database.inc
Returns the type of database driver.
DatabaseConnection_pgsql::driver in includes/database/pgsql/database.inc
Returns the type of database driver.
DatabaseConnection_sqlite::driver in includes/database/sqlite/database.inc
Returns the type of database driver.


includes/database/database.inc, line 1249
Core systems for the database layer.


Base Database API class.


public abstract function driver();