6.x menu.inc menu_link_delete($mlid, $path = NULL)
7.x menu.inc menu_link_delete($mlid, $path = NULL)

Delete one or several menu links.


$mlid: A valid menu link mlid or NULL. If NULL, $path is used.

$path: The path to the menu items to be deleted. $mlid must be NULL.

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includes/menu.inc, line 3057
API for the Drupal menu system.


function menu_link_delete($mlid, $path = NULL) {
  if (isset($mlid)) {
    _menu_delete_item(db_query("SELECT * FROM {menu_links} WHERE mlid = :mlid", array(
      ':mlid' => $mlid,
  else {
    $result = db_query("SELECT * FROM {menu_links} WHERE link_path = :link_path", array(
      ':link_path' => $path,
    foreach ($result as $link) {


coert’s picture

This doesn't work (but I think it should):

$path = 'node/281';
menu_link_delete(NULL, $path);

The cause:

$result = db_query("SELECT * FROM {menu_links} WHERE link_path = :link_path", array(':link_path' => $path));

should be:

$result = db_query("SELECT * FROM {menu_links} WHERE link_path = :link_path", array(':link_path' => $path))->fetchAllAssoc('mlid');

... edit ... never mind... I'm wrong. Should be made more clear you can never delete 'system' menu-links.

nerdoc’s picture

Given i have added a new menu item in my install file that additionally points to user/login, placed in the main menu (instead of moving the original one), how can i delete this in my uninstall routine?
When using
menu_link_delete(NULL, 'user/login')
I'm afraid that the system link is deleted too as it just does a select and deletes all of the found ones.
DO I have to keep a mlid somewhere (in a variable) of all created menu items to be able to delete them later at uninstall?