7 menu.inc theme_menu_local_task($variables)
4.6 menu.inc theme_menu_local_task($mid, $active, $primary)
4.7 menu.inc theme_menu_local_task($mid, $active, $primary)
5 menu.inc theme_menu_local_task($mid, $active, $primary)
6 menu.inc theme_menu_local_task($link, $active = FALSE)

Returns HTML for a single local task link.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • element: A render element containing:

    • #link: A menu link array with 'title', 'href', and 'localized_options' keys.
    • #active: A boolean indicating whether the local task is active.

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includes/menu.inc, line 1650
API for the Drupal menu system.


function theme_menu_local_task($variables) {
  $link = $variables ['element']['#link'];
  $link_text = $link ['title'];

  if (!empty($variables ['element']['#active'])) {
    // Add text to indicate active tab for non-visual users.
    $active = '<span class="element-invisible">' . t('(active tab)') . '</span>';

    // If the link does not contain HTML already, check_plain() it now.
    // After we set 'html'=TRUE the link will not be sanitized by l().
    if (empty($link ['localized_options']['html'])) {
      $link ['title'] = check_plain($link ['title']);
    $link ['localized_options']['html'] = TRUE;
    $link_text = t('!local-task-title!active', array('!local-task-title' => $link ['title'], '!active' => $active));

  return '<li' . (!empty($variables ['element']['#active']) ? ' class="active"' : '') . '>' . l($link_text, $link ['href'], $link ['localized_options']) . "</li>\n";