function drupal_get_path_alias

Given an internal Drupal path, return the alias set by the administrator.

If no path is provided, the function will return the alias of the current page.


$path: An internal Drupal path.

$path_language: An optional language code to look up the path in.

Return value

An aliased path if one was found, or the original path if no alias was found.

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includes/, line 235


function drupal_get_path_alias($path = NULL, $path_language = NULL) {
    // If no path is specified, use the current page's path.
    if ($path == NULL) {
        $path = $_GET['q'];
    $result = $path;
    if ($alias = drupal_lookup_path('alias', $path, $path_language)) {
        $result = $alias;
    return $result;

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