7.x field.info.inc field_info_field($field_name)

Returns data about an individual field, given a field name.


$field_name: The name of the field to retrieve. $field_name can only refer to a non-deleted, active field. For deleted fields, use field_info_field_by_id(). To retrieve information about inactive fields, use field_read_fields().

Return value

The field array, as returned by field_read_fields(), with an additional element 'bundles', whose value is an array of all the bundles this field belongs to keyed by entity type. NULL if the field was not found.

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modules/field/field.info.inc, line 522
Field Info API, providing information about available fields and field types.


function field_info_field($field_name) {
  $cache = _field_info_field_cache();
  return $cache


AaronELBorg’s picture

Helpful hint.......

It's probably been a while since you set up your content type and entered in your "$field_name", eh?

...and now you're knee-deep in your db looking for said "$field_name"??

$field_name = 'the_db_field_you_want' sans the 'field_data' bit.

So, in your db, if the field name you want is called 'field_data_yep_mcyepperson', then $field_name will be 'yep_mcyepperson'.

This was throwing me for longer than I care to admit.

In the interest of saving someone else the hassle, I post here cleansing myself of all shame.

(OK, only some of it.)

AaronELBorg’s picture

Kind of a confusing 'helpful hint' there, Aaron.

It would actually be "field_yep_mcyepperson" and not just "yep_mcyepperson".

By the way, you look great today.


Trey’s picture

Just to clarify, fields created through the UI automatically have "field_" prepended to them, but not all fields do. In his example "field_data_yep_mcyepperson" the field name would, indeed, be "yep_mcyepperson". If the table had the name "field_data_field_yep_mcyepperson", then you would be right and it would be "field_yep_mcyepperson"

NancyDru’s picture

Interestingly, it appears that the data returned does not include the field label.

charlietoleary’s picture

I believe this information is stored in field instances:

jyraya’s picture

Let's say I have a process that store a list of names of fields that could be deleted between the list creation and its actual use. What do I receive as info if I use this function on a field that has been deleted?

Do I receive info or not? My test seems to say that I receive information but I would like a confirmation as the doc says: "$field_name can only refer to a non-deleted, active field."