The block should not get cached. This setting should be used:

  • for simple blocks (notably those that do not perform any db query),

where querying the db cache would be more expensive than directly generating the content.

  • for blocks that change too frequently.
6 uses of BLOCK_NO_CACHE
block_add_block_form_submit in modules/block/
Save the new custom block.
locale_block in modules/locale/locale.module
Implementation of hook_block(). Displays a language switcher. Translation links may be provided by other modules.
menu_block in modules/menu/menu.module
Implementation of hook_block().
node_block in modules/node/node.module
Implementation of hook_block().
search_block in modules/search/search.module
Implementation of hook_block().

... See full list


modules/block/block.module, line 38
Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.


define('BLOCK_NO_CACHE', -1);


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On D7 this seems to have been renamed to DRUPAL_NO_CACHE