function user_is_logged_in

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7 user.module user_is_logged_in()
6 user.module user_is_logged_in()

Determines if the current user is logged in.

Return value

bool TRUE if the user is logged in, FALSE if the user is anonymous.

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modules/user/user.module, line 1545
Enables the user registration and login system.


function user_is_logged_in() {
  return (bool) $GLOBALS['user']->uid;


this is good solution when we want check the menu only for users login , can use this in access callback menu property like this



$items['custmomenu'] => array(
'title' => 'yourtitle',
'page callback' => 'yourcallback function' ,
'access callback' = > user_is_logged_in(),

the usefull and short solution

In the example above, the access callback should be specified as

// ...
'access callback' => 'user_is_logged_in',

See hook_menu() for more details.