8.x-1.x devel.module dpm($input, $name = NULL, $type = 'status')
5.x-1.x devel.module dpm($input, $name = NULL)
6.x-1.x devel.module dpm($input, $name = NULL)
7.x-1.x devel.module dpm($input, $name = NULL, $type = 'status')

Wrapper for DevelDumperManager::message().

Prints a variable to the 'message' area of the page.

Uses drupal_set_message().


$input: An arbitrary value to output.

string $name: Optional name for identifying the output.

string $type: Optional message type for drupal_set_message(), defaults to 'status'.

Return value

input The unaltered input value.

See also


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./devel.module, line 353
This module holds functions useful for Drupal development. Please contribute!


function dpm($input, $name = NULL, $type = 'status') {
    ->message($input, $name, $type);
  return $input;