function drupal_basename

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7 drupal_basename($uri, $suffix = NULL)
8 drupal_basename($uri, $suffix = NULL)

Gets the filename from a given path.

PHP's basename() does not properly support streams or filenames beginning with a non-US-ASCII character.

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core/includes/, line 1462
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function drupal_basename($uri, $suffix = NULL) {
  $separators = '/';
    // For Windows OS add special separator.
    $separators .= DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;
  // Remove right-most slashes when $uri points to directory.
  $uri = rtrim($uri, $separators);
  // Returns the trailing part of the $uri starting after one of the directory
  // separators.
  $filename = preg_match('@[^' . preg_quote($separators, '@') . ']+$@', $uri, $matches) ? $matches[0] : '';
  // Cuts off a suffix from the filename.
  if ($suffix) {
    $filename = preg_replace('@' . preg_quote($suffix, '@') . '$@', '', $filename);
  return $filename;