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Defines an image effect annotation object.

Plugin Namespace: Plugin\ImageEffect

For a working example, see \Drupal\image\Plugin\ImageEffect\ResizeImageEffect


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10 classes are annotated with ImageEffect
AjaxTestImageEffect in core/modules/image/tests/modules/image_module_test/src/Plugin/ImageEffect/AjaxTestImageEffect.php
Provides a test effect using Ajax in the configuration form.
ConvertImageEffect in core/modules/image/src/Plugin/ImageEffect/ConvertImageEffect.php
Converts an image resource.
CropImageEffect in core/modules/image/src/Plugin/ImageEffect/CropImageEffect.php
Crops an image resource.
DesaturateImageEffect in core/modules/image/src/Plugin/ImageEffect/DesaturateImageEffect.php
Desaturates (grayscale) an image resource.
NullTestImageEffect in core/modules/image/tests/modules/image_module_test/src/Plugin/ImageEffect/NullTestImageEffect.php
Performs no operation on an image resource.

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core/modules/image/src/Annotation/ImageEffect.php, line 26


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class ImageEffect extends Plugin {

   * The plugin ID.
   * @var string
  public $id;

   * The human-readable name of the image effect.
   * @ingroup plugin_translatable
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Annotation\Translation
  public $label;

   * A brief description of the image effect.
   * This will be shown when adding or configuring this image effect.
   * @ingroup plugin_translatable
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Annotation\Translation (optional)
  public $description = '';



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
ImageEffect::$description public property A brief description of the image effect.
ImageEffect::$id public property The plugin ID.
ImageEffect::$label public property The human-readable name of the image effect.
Plugin::$definition protected property The plugin definition read from the class annotation.
Plugin::get public function Gets the value of an annotation. Overrides AnnotationInterface::get
Plugin::getClass public function Gets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getClass
Plugin::getId public function Gets the unique ID for this annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getId
Plugin::getProvider public function Gets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::getProvider
Plugin::parse protected function Parses an annotation into its definition.
Plugin::setClass public function Sets the class of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setClass
Plugin::setProvider public function Sets the name of the provider of the annotated class. Overrides AnnotationInterface::setProvider
Plugin::__construct public function Constructs a Plugin object.