6.x core.php custom_url_rewrite_outbound(&$path, &$options, $original_path)

custom_url_rewrite_outbound is not a hook, it's a function you can add to settings.php to alter all links generated by Drupal. This function is called from url(). This function is called very frequently (100+ times per page) so performance is critical.

This function should change the value of $path and $options by reference.


$path: The alias of the $original_path as defined in the database. If there is no match in the database it'll be the same as $original_path

$options: An array of link attributes such as querystring and fragment. See url().

$original_path: The unaliased Drupal path that is being linked to.

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1 call to custom_url_rewrite_outbound()
url in includes/common.inc
Generates an internal or external URL.


developer/hooks/core.php, line 2753
These are the hooks that are invoked by the Drupal core.


function custom_url_rewrite_outbound(&$path, &$options, $original_path) {
  global $user;

  // Change all 'node' to 'article'.
  if (preg_match('|^node(/.*)|', $path, $matches)) {
    $path = 'article' . $matches[1];

  // Create a path called 'e' which lands the user on her profile edit page.
  if ($path == 'user/' . $user->uid . '/edit') {
    $path = 'e';