4.6.x image.inc image_resize($source, $destination, $width, $height)
4.7.x image.inc image_resize($source, $destination, $width, $height)
5.x image.inc image_resize($source, $destination, $width, $height)
6.x image.inc image_resize($source, $destination, $width, $height)
7.x image.inc image_resize(stdClass $image, $width, $height)

Resizes an image to the given dimensions (ignoring aspect ratio).


$image: An image object returned by image_load().

$width: The target width, in pixels.

$height: The target height, in pixels.

Return value

TRUE on success, FALSE on failure.

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includes/image.inc, line 279
API for manipulating images.


function image_resize(stdClass $image, $width, $height) {
  $width = (int) round($width);
  $height = (int) round($height);

  return image_toolkit_invoke('resize', $image, array($width, $height));


muneer1st’s picture

Where would the image destination for resized one? In D6 , there is a parameter to pass as $destination.

muneer1st’s picture

How to parse the destination?

muneer1st’s picture

How to pass the destination?

shah_ankitb’s picture

$imgSmall = image_load($source_path);
image_resize($imgSmall, 50, 50);