6.x actions.inc actions_synchronize($actions_in_code = array(), $delete_orphans = FALSE)
7.x actions.inc actions_synchronize($delete_orphans = FALSE)

Synchronize actions that are provided by modules.

They are synchronized with actions that are stored in the actions table. This is necessary so that actions that do not require configuration can receive action IDs. This is not necessarily the best approach, but it is the most straightforward.

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includes/actions.inc, line 289
This is the actions engine for executing stored actions.


function actions_synchronize($actions_in_code = array(), $delete_orphans = FALSE) {
  if (!$actions_in_code) {
    $actions_in_code = actions_list(TRUE);
  $actions_in_db = array();
  $result = db_query("SELECT * FROM {actions} WHERE parameters = ''");
  while ($action = db_fetch_object($result)) {
    $actions_in_db[$action->callback] = array(
      'aid' => $action->aid,
      'description' => $action->description,

  // Go through all the actions provided by modules.
  foreach ($actions_in_code as $callback => $array) {

    // Ignore configurable actions since their instances get put in
    // when the user adds the action.
    if (!$array['configurable']) {

      // If we already have an action ID for this action, no need to assign aid.
      if (array_key_exists($callback, $actions_in_db)) {
      else {

        // This is a new singleton that we don't have an aid for; assign one.
        db_query("INSERT INTO {actions} (aid, type, callback, parameters, description) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', '%s')", $callback, $array['type'], $callback, '', $array['description']);
        watchdog('actions', "Action '%action' added.", array(
          '%action' => $array['description'],

  // Any actions that we have left in $actions_in_db are orphaned.
  if ($actions_in_db) {
    $orphaned = array();
    $placeholder = array();
    foreach ($actions_in_db as $callback => $array) {
      $orphaned[] = $callback;
      $placeholder[] = "'%s'";
    $orphans = implode(', ', $orphaned);
    if ($delete_orphans) {
      $placeholders = implode(', ', $placeholder);
      $results = db_query("SELECT a.aid, a.description FROM {actions} a WHERE callback IN ({$placeholders})", $orphaned);
      while ($action = db_fetch_object($results)) {
        watchdog('actions', "Removed orphaned action '%action' from database.", array(
          '%action' => $action->description,
    else {
      $link = l(t('Remove orphaned actions'), 'admin/settings/actions/orphan');
      $count = count($actions_in_db);
      watchdog('actions', format_plural($count, 'One orphaned action (%orphans) exists in the actions table. !link', '@count orphaned actions (%orphans) exist in the actions table. !link'), array(
        '@count' => $count,
        '%orphans' => $orphans,
        '!link' => $link,
      ), WATCHDOG_INFO);