1. 4.7.x includes/bootstrap.inc CACHE_DISABLED
  2. 5.x includes/bootstrap.inc CACHE_DISABLED
  3. 6.x includes/bootstrap.inc CACHE_DISABLED

Indicates that page caching is disabled.

drupal_page_footer in includes/common.inc
Perform end-of-request tasks.
drupal_process_form in includes/form.inc
This function is the heart of form API. The form gets built, validated and in appropriate cases, submitted.
form_expand_ahah in includes/form.inc
Add AHAH information about a form element to the page to communicate with javascript. If #ahah[path] is set on an element, this additional javascript is added to the page header to attach the AHAH behaviors. See ahah.js for more information.
form_set_cache in includes/form.inc
Store a form in the cache.
system_performance_settings in modules/system/system.admin.inc
Form builder; Configure site performance settings.

... See full list


includes/bootstrap.inc, line 22
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


define('CACHE_DISABLED', 0)