4.7.x bootstrap.inc conf_path()
5.x bootstrap.inc conf_path()
6.x bootstrap.inc conf_path($require_settings = TRUE, $reset = FALSE)
7.x bootstrap.inc conf_path($require_settings = TRUE, $reset = FALSE)

Find the appropriate configuration directory.

Try finding a matching configuration directory by stripping the website's hostname from left to right and pathname from right to left. The first configuration file found will be used; the remaining will ignored. If no configuration file is found, return a default value '$confdir/default'.

Example for a fictitious site installed at http://www.drupal.org:8080/mysite/test/ the 'settings.php' is searched in the following directories:

1. $confdir/8080.www.drupal.org.mysite.test 2. $confdir/www.drupal.org.mysite.test 3. $confdir/drupal.org.mysite.test 4. $confdir/org.mysite.test

5. $confdir/8080.www.drupal.org.mysite 6. $confdir/www.drupal.org.mysite 7. $confdir/drupal.org.mysite 8. $confdir/org.mysite

9. $confdir/8080.www.drupal.org 10. $confdir/www.drupal.org 11. $confdir/drupal.org 12. $confdir/org

13. $confdir/default


$require_settings: Only configuration directories with an existing settings.php file will be recognized. Defaults to TRUE. During initial installation, this is set to FALSE so that Drupal can detect a matching directory, then create a new settings.php file in it.

reset: Force a full search for matching directories even if one had been found previously.

Return value

The path of the matching directory.

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includes/bootstrap.inc, line 319
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function conf_path($require_settings = TRUE, $reset = FALSE) {
  static $conf = '';

  if ($conf && !$reset) {
    return $conf;

  $confdir = 'sites';
  $server = explode('.', implode('.', array_reverse(explode(':', rtrim($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], '.')))));
  for ($i = count($uri) - 1; $i > 0; $i--) {
    for ($j = count($server); $j > 0; $j--) {
      $dir = implode('.', array_slice($server, -$j)) . implode('.', array_slice($uri, 0, $i));
      if (file_exists("$confdir/$dir/settings.php") || (!$require_settings && file_exists("$confdir/$dir"))) {
        $conf = "$confdir/$dir";
        return $conf;
  $conf = "$confdir/default";
  return $conf;