7.x bootstrap.inc drupal_page_get_cache($check_only = FALSE)

Retrieves the current page from the cache.

Note: we do not serve cached pages to authenticated users, or to anonymous users when $_SESSION is non-empty. $_SESSION may contain status messages from a form submission, the contents of a shopping cart, or other user- specific content that should not be cached and displayed to other users.


$check_only: (optional) Set to TRUE to only return whether a previous call found a cache entry.

Return value

The cache object, if the page was found in the cache, NULL otherwise.

1 call to drupal_page_get_cache()
_drupal_bootstrap_page_cache in includes/bootstrap.inc
Attempts to serve a page from the cache.


includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1291
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function drupal_page_get_cache($check_only = FALSE) {
  global $base_root;
  static $cache_hit = FALSE;
  if ($check_only) {
    return $cache_hit;
  if (drupal_page_is_cacheable()) {
    $cache = cache_get($base_root . request_uri(), 'cache_page');
    if ($cache !== FALSE) {
      $cache_hit = TRUE;
    return $cache;


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In Drupal 6, this function is page_get_cache().