block-admin-display-form.tpl.php in modules/block/block-admin-display-form.tpl.php
block-admin-display-form.tpl.php Default theme implementation to configure blocks.
color_scheme_form in modules/color/color.module
Form callback. Returns the configuration form.
comment_form in modules/comment/comment.module
Generate the basic commenting form, for appending to a node or display on a separate page.
drupal_add_tabledrag in includes/
Assist in adding the tableDrag JavaScript behavior to a themed table.
drupal_get_js in includes/
Returns a themed presentation of all JavaScript code for the current page.
form_expand_ahah in includes/
Add AHAH information about a form element to the page to communicate with javascript. If #ahah[path] is set on an element, this additional javascript is added to the page header to attach the AHAH behaviors. See ahah.js for more information.
install_tasks in ./install.php
Tasks performed after the database is initialized.
locale_update_js_files in modules/locale/locale.module
Update JavaScript translation file, if required, and add it to the page.
node_filter_form in modules/node/
Return form for node administration filters.
openid_form_alter in modules/openid/openid.module
Implementation of hook_form_alter : adds OpenID login to the login forms.
system_clean_url_settings in modules/system/
Form builder; Configure Clean URL settings.
system_date_time_settings in modules/system/
Form builder; Configure the site date and time settings.
theme_fieldset in includes/
Format a group of form items.
theme_poll_choices in modules/poll/poll.module
Theme the admin poll form for choices.
theme_profile_admin_overview in modules/profile/
Theme the profile field overview into a drag and drop enabled table.
theme_table in includes/
Return a themed table.
theme_table_select_header_cell in includes/
Returns a header cell for tables that have a select all functionality.
theme_taxonomy_overview_terms in modules/taxonomy/
Theme the terms overview as a sortable list of terms.
theme_textarea in includes/
Format a textarea.
theme_textfield in includes/
Format a textfield.
user_admin_settings in modules/user/
Form builder; Configure user settings for this site.
user_filter_form in modules/user/
Form builder; Return form for user administration filters.
user_register in modules/user/user.module
Form builder; The user registration form.
_batch_progress_page_js in includes/
Batch processing page with JavaScript support.
_book_add_form_elements in modules/book/book.module
Build the common elements of the book form for the node and outline forms.
_init_theme in includes/
Initialize the theme system given already loaded information. This function is useful to initialize a theme when no database is present.
_user_password_dynamic_validation in modules/user/user.module
Add javascript and string translations for dynamic password validation (strength and confirmation checking).