aggregator_view in modules/aggregator/
Displays the aggregator administration page.
block_admin_display_form in modules/block/
Generate main blocks administration form.
blogapi_blogger_edit_post in modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
Blogging API callback. Modifies the specified blog node.
blogapi_blogger_new_post in modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
Blogging API callback. Inserts a new blog post as a node.
blog_form in modules/blog/blog.module
Implementation of hook_form().
blog_page_last in modules/blog/
Menu callback; displays a Drupal page containing recent blog entries of all users.
blog_page_user in modules/blog/
Menu callback; displays a Drupal page containing recent blog entries of a given user.
blog_user in modules/blog/blog.module
Implementation of hook_user().
blog_view in modules/blog/blog.module
Implementation of hook_view().
book_admin_edit_submit in modules/book/
Handle submission of the book administrative page form.
book_admin_overview in modules/book/
Returns an administrative overview of all books.
book_render in modules/book/
Menu callback; prints a listing of all books.
chameleon_comment in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
chameleon_node in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
chameleon_page in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
comment_admin_overview in modules/comment/
Form builder; Builds the comment overview form for the admin.
comment_admin_overview_submit in modules/comment/
Process comment_admin_overview form submissions.
comment_reply in modules/comment/
This function is responsible for generating a comment reply form. There are several cases that have to be handled, including:
comment_save in modules/comment/comment.module
Accepts a submission of new or changed comment content.
confirm_form in modules/system/system.module
Generates a form array for a confirmation form.
contact_admin_categories in modules/contact/
Categories/list tab.
contact_admin_edit_submit in modules/contact/
Process the contact category edit page form submission.
dblog_event in modules/dblog/
Menu callback; displays details about a log message.
dblog_overview in modules/dblog/
Menu callback; displays a listing of log messages.
db_status_report in includes/
Report database status.
db_status_report in includes/
Report database status.
filter_admin_format_form in modules/filter/
Generate a filter format form.
filter_admin_overview in modules/filter/
Menu callback; Displays a list of all input formats and which one is the default.
forum_overview in modules/forum/
Returns an overview list of existing forums and containers
help_links_as_list in modules/help/
hook_requirements in developer/hooks/install.php
Check installation requirements and do status reporting.
hook_view in developer/hooks/node.php
Display a node.
locale_update_6005 in modules/locale/locale.install
Change language setting variable of content types.
menu_get_active_breadcrumb in includes/
Get the breadcrumb for the current page, as determined by the active trail.
node_admin_nodes in modules/node/
Form builder: Builds the node administration overview.
node_form_submit in modules/node/
node_overview_types in modules/node/
Displays the content type admin overview page.
node_revision_overview in modules/node/
Generate an overview table of older revisions of a node.
node_title_list in modules/node/node.module
Gather a listing of links to nodes.
openid_form_alter in modules/openid/openid.module
Implementation of hook_form_alter : adds OpenID login to the login forms.
openid_user_identities in modules/openid/
Menu callback; Manage OpenID identities for the specified user.
path_admin_overview in modules/path/
Return a listing of all defined URL aliases. When filter key passed, perform a standard search on the given key, and return the list of matching URL aliases.
php_install in modules/php/php.install
Implementation of hook_install().
poll_page in modules/poll/
Menu callback to provide a simple list of all polls available.
profile_admin_overview in modules/profile/
Form builder to display a listing of all editable profile fields.
profile_field_delete_submit in modules/profile/
Process a field delete form submission.
profile_field_form_submit in modules/profile/
Process profile_field_form submissions.
search_view in modules/search/
Menu callback; presents the search form and/or search results.
statistics_access_log in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; Displays recent page accesses.
statistics_node_tracker in modules/statistics/
@file User page callbacks for the statistics module.
statistics_recent_hits in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "recent hits" page.
statistics_top_visitors in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "top visitors" page.
statistics_user_tracker in modules/statistics/
system_actions_manage in modules/system/system.module
Menu callback. Display an overview of available and configured actions.
system_admin_by_module in modules/system/
Menu callback; prints a listing of admin tasks for each installed module.
system_get_module_admin_tasks in modules/system/system.module
Generate a list of tasks offered by a specified module.
system_requirements in modules/system/system.install
Implementation of hook_requirements().
system_themes_form in modules/system/
Menu callback; displays a listing of all themes.
tablesort_header in includes/
Format a column header.
taxonomy_overview_terms in modules/taxonomy/
Form builder for the taxonomy terms overview.
taxonomy_overview_vocabularies in modules/taxonomy/
Form builder to list and manage vocabularies.
template_preprocess_aggregator_feed_source in modules/aggregator/
Process variables for aggregator-feed-source.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_aggregator_item in modules/aggregator/
Process variables for aggregator-item.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_comment in modules/comment/comment.module
Process variables for comment.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_comment_folded in modules/comment/comment.module
Process variables for comment-folded.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_forums in modules/forum/forum.module
Process variables for forums.tpl.php
template_preprocess_forum_topic_list in modules/forum/forum.module
Preprocess variables to format the topic listing.
template_preprocess_user_picture in modules/user/user.module
Process variables for user-picture.tpl.php.
theme_admin_block_content in modules/system/
This function formats the content of an administrative block.
theme_admin_page in modules/system/
This function formats an administrative page for viewing.
theme_aggregator_block_item in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Format an individual feed item for display in the block.
theme_book_admin_table in modules/book/
Theme function for the book administration page form.
theme_book_title_link in modules/book/book.module
Generate the HTML output for a link to a book title when used as a block title.
theme_comment_block in modules/comment/comment.module
Returns a formatted list of recent comments to be displayed in the comment block.
theme_filter_tips_more_info in modules/filter/filter.module
Format a link to the more extensive filter tips.
theme_links in includes/
Returns HTML for a set of links.
theme_locale_languages_overview_form in includes/
Theme the language overview form.
theme_menu_item_link in includes/
Generate the HTML output for a single menu link.
theme_node_add_list in modules/node/
Display the list of available node types for node creation.
theme_pager_link in includes/
Returns HTML for a link to a specific query result page.
theme_system_powered_by in modules/system/system.module
Format the Powered by Drupal text.
theme_update_report in modules/update/
Theme project status report.
theme_update_version in modules/update/
Theme the version display of a project.
theme_upload_attachments in modules/upload/upload.module
Displays file attachments in table
theme_username in includes/
Format a username.
theme_user_admin_new_role in modules/user/
Theme the new-role form.
tracker_page in modules/tracker/
Menu callback. Prints a listing of active nodes on the site.
translation_node_overview in modules/translation/
Overview page for a node's translations.
trigger_assign_form in modules/trigger/
Create the form definition for assigning an action to a hook-op combination.
user_admin_access in modules/user/
Menu callback: list all access rules
user_admin_account in modules/user/
Form builder; User administration page.
user_login_block in modules/user/user.module
user_register_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for the user registration form.
_locale_translate_seek in includes/
Perform a string search and display results in a table
_menu_overview_tree_form in modules/menu/
Recursive helper function for menu_overview_form().
_menu_site_is_offline in includes/
Checks whether the site is off-line for maintenance.
_node_mass_update_batch_process in modules/node/
Node Mass Update Batch operation
_statistics_link in modules/statistics/statistics.module
It is possible to adjust the width of columns generated by the statistics module.
_update_refresh in modules/update/
Fetch project info via XML from a central server.
_update_requirement_check in modules/update/update.module
Private helper method to fill in the requirements array.