function element_children

Identifies the children of an element array, optionally sorted by weight.

The children of a element array are those key/value pairs whose key does not start with a '#'. See drupal_render() for details.


$elements: The element array whose children are to be identified.

$sort: Boolean to indicate whether the children should be sorted by weight.

Return value

The array keys of the element's children.

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includes/, line 6718


function element_children(&$elements, $sort = FALSE) {
    // Do not attempt to sort elements which have already been sorted.
    $sort = isset($elements['#sorted']) ? !$elements['#sorted'] : $sort;
    // Filter out properties from the element, leaving only children.
    $count = count($elements);
    $child_weights = array();
    $i = 0;
    $sortable = FALSE;
    foreach ($elements as $key => $value) {
        if (is_int($key) || $key === '' || $key[0] !== '#') {
            if (is_array($value) && isset($value['#weight'])) {
                $weight = $value['#weight'];
                $sortable = TRUE;
            else {
                $weight = 0;
            // Support weights with up to three digit precision and conserve the
            // insertion order.
            $child_weights[$key] = floor($weight * 1000) + $i / $count;
    // Sort the children if necessary.
    if ($sort && $sortable) {
        // Put the sorted children back into $elements in the correct order, to
        // preserve sorting if the same element is passed through
        // element_children() twice.
        foreach ($child_weights as $key => $weight) {
            $value = $elements[$key];
            $elements[$key] = $value;
        $elements['#sorted'] = TRUE;
    return array_keys($child_weights);

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