4.6.x menu.inc menu_tree($pid = 1)
4.7.x menu.inc menu_tree($pid = 1)
5.x menu.inc menu_tree($pid = 1)
6.x menu.inc menu_tree($menu_name = 'navigation')
7.x menu.inc menu_tree($menu_name)

Render a menu tree based on the current path.

The tree is expanded based on the current path and dynamic paths are also changed according to the defined to_arg functions (for example the 'My account' link is changed from user/% to a link with the current user's uid).


$menu_name: The name of the menu.

Return value

The rendered HTML of that menu on the current page.

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includes/menu.inc, line 721
API for the Drupal menu system.


function menu_tree($menu_name = 'navigation') {
  static $menu_output = array();
  if (!isset($menu_output[$menu_name])) {
    $tree = menu_tree_page_data($menu_name);
    $menu_output[$menu_name] = menu_tree_output($tree);
  return $menu_output[$menu_name];


mathis’s picture

I just tested this for drupal 6 on a custom menu but it may be helpfull:
If you have multiple languages on your website and your theme is calling this function, you may use the i18nmenu_translated_tree('menu_name') instead, wich will bring your translated menu...

Of course you need internationalization module and enabled translated menus...